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USNI News: Japan’s ‘Increasingly Severe’ Security Environment

The crux of Japan’s new defense policy is the revamping of the three Self Defense Forces, Ground, Air and Maritime into a new joint “dynamic defense force”. The force would be highly mobile, capable of operating throughout the Japanese archipelago, especially on the outer fringes such as the Senkaku Islands where basing military forces is difficult. Taking a cue from the United States military, the Self Defense Forces would become more “joint”in nature, with two or more of the services capable of working in the field together.

Japan’s ‘Increasingly Severe’ Security Environment“, USNI News, 8/6/14


USNI News: Peace Ark: Onboard China’s Hospital Ship


“USNI News was given a tour of Peace Ark by the officer in charge of the medical complement, Senior Captain Sun Tao. A gastroenterologist by training, Tao is currently vice commandant of the Beijing Military Hospital. Tao’s command of the English language was quite good, although in a later sit-down session with USNI he made use of a translator so he could concentrate on answering questions.”

Peace Ark: Onboard China’s Hospital Ship“, USNI News, 7/23/14.

USNI News: Marines Test Heavy Duty Landing Craft Prototype at RIMPAC


“The new Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) — currently being tested by Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory as part of the ongoing Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercises — a revolutionary new amphibious transport design using foam treads for movement on both land and at sea.”

Marines Test Heavy Duty Landing Craft Prototype at RIMPAC“, USNI News, 7/16/14.

USNI News: How Taiwan Would Defend Itself From Attack


“The days of Taiwan being an impregnable fortress appear to be over. China’s growing military, coupled with declining defense budgets in Taiwan, have shifted the balance of power to the point where defeat in an invasion scenario — barring foreign intervention — is now inevitable.”

How Taiwan Would Defend Itself From Attack“, USNI News, 3/26/14.

USNI News: Two Koreas, Three Navies


The North’s Korean People’s Army Naval Force (KPN) has fewer resources but only one overarching mission: defending the Kim regime from outside attack. As a result, North Korea’s navy has built a larger fleet of smaller, low-tech gunboats and forced asymmetrical confrontations with the South.

Two Koreas, Three Navies“, USNI News, 5/8/14

USNI News: Japanese Government Recommends Major Defense Policy Change



While the Japanese government affirmed Japan had a basic right to defend itself, it denied Japan’s right to collective self defense. While most governments — and even the United Nations — recognize a state’s right to collective self-defense, Japan declines on the grounds that it may involve Japan in military action not directly pertaining to Japan’s self-defense or action offensive in nature. Such action would be unconstitutional. The Self Defense Forces can only act on threats to Japan and not other countries.

Japanese Government Recommends Major Defense Policy Change“, USNI News, 5/15/14.