Pictures from my Rock Slider and Roof Rack Install

A couple of months ago I found an ad online from a metal fabricator who specialized in third gen Toyota 4Runners. He’s a former AC-130 gunship maintainer who got his certificate in welding and then started making racks and rock sliders.

I drove up north past Sacramento to his place to have the work done. As I’m driving down this road with Beale Air Force Base over my left shoulder, a U-2 spy plane flies low and slow overhead. That was a good sign.

Here’s pics of my guy at work, as well as the final product:


John in his workshop/garage. I hung out in the yard with the goats and the chickens…including a rooster whose days were numbered.


Ready to mount.


Rock sliders aren’t going anywhere.


Rack installed. The front crossbars made a whistling noise when I went past 35 miles an hour, and worked up to a pretty good howl at 60. Installing a Thule rack fairing, while kind of a kludge, fixed the problem completely.

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