My second state rebuke

Earlier this year, Lt. Gen. Wang Hongguang called me out over an article I wrote for The National Interest. It made the New York TimesSinosphere blog.

The original article is here. I ran it through the Google Translator, and it seems like he refutes things that I actually did not say. I believe the General may have been given a faulty translation of my article.

Role reversal time: can you imagine an American general, even a retired one, responding to an article in the Chinese press?

(No you can’t.)

Wang’s an interesting guy. In April, he blasted overly-belligerent PLA commentators. The implication at South Sea Conversations is that such talk is beginning to irritate Chinese policymaking elites as it pushes the drumbeat of war. Wang is definitely carrying someone’s water there.

Just this month in December, Wang again took to the Internet to say that the DPRK isn’t “China’s to lose”. It’s a pretty interesting piece, accusing the West of demonizing the North Korean regime over human rights but at the same time saying that if the country does implode, there’s nothing China can do about it.

Wang’s criticism of North Korea is limited to testing a ballistic missile with a Chinese airliner in the area. (Geez Wang, of all the things North Korea does, that’s what bothers you?)

I’m kind of honored to have been singled out by him, and I do appreciate the fact that he left my name off of his article.

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