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Dear Dad, I Fixed Your Gun.


Yeah, so…I ended up with your Browning Buckmark. And it didn’t work.

I took it to Markley’s last month. Hoofed it two miles through Watsonville on a nice winter day. Brought with me that box of .22 LR you had opened and shot.

I rented a lane, put on my eye and ear protection, loaded the gun…and nothing happened. The trigger was frozen. It wouldn’t budge. I was confounded. I had no idea how to field strip it, so I rented a Glock 19 and shot that instead. (Actually liked that one *a lot*, more on that some other time.)

This evening I had nothing to do so I thought I’d field strip the Buckmark. I didn’t think I could fix it, but maybe I could figure out what was going wrong. I went to YouTube and clicked on the first video that I found. It’s probably the same video that you watched when you broke it.

At some point, you took it apart and broke it. I remember you told me you couldn’t bring the Buckmark to the range because it was “on your bed, in pieces.” Not exactly where I disassemble my guns, but I guess that’s a perogative of retirement.

So I watched the video and followed the steps—you did like allen screws tight. Well done on that. I got the gun broken down into the barrel, slide and receiver and was flummoxed when the trigger was still stuck.

I took off the left grip panel and nothing important was behind it. I took off the right panel and there was the entire trigger assembly. It was actually pretty easy to follow how it worked. I looked to see if the assembly was getting smashed by the grips. There seemed to be something to that theory, but what it was I couldn’t pin it down.

There was one v-shaped length of metal that was sitting loose in a slot. It seemed to not actually be doing anything. It looked like if I pushed it back it would be captured, under tension, by another piece of metal. I did exactly that and the trigger worked! It was springy and everything. Apparently that piece had sprung out on you (like it did to me — you were probably lucky to find it, what with being on the bed and everything) and you hadn’t put it back in properly.

So there, I fixed your gun. It’s still yours. It’ll always be yours.