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The Daily Beast: Death at Five Times the Speed of Sound

The U.S. isn’t the only power developing hypersonic weapons. Hypersonic weapons are the new arms race, with the United States, Russia, India and China all racing to develop them. Some hypersonic weapons are boosted to target atop intercontinental ballistic missiles, the same missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads in a nuclear war.

What could possibly go wrong?

Death at Five Times the Speed of Sound“, The Daily Beast, 6/23/14.

The Daily Beast: Obama’s New Helicopter Fleet


The president’s helicopters must have a full suite of defensive countermeasures to throw off the targeting and guidance systems of missiles. They must be “hardened” against the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear blast that could fry electronics and knock out everything from smartphones to helicopters.

Obama’s New Helicopter Fleet“, The Daily Beast, 5/9/14.

The Daily Beast: Caroline Kennedy is Big in Japan



Japan needs reassuring. Buffeted by decades of economic stagnation and having ceded the position of second largest economy in the world to its rival China, Japan’s position has been in relative decline for years. Japan recognizes the 1960 U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security as its number one strategic alliance, but has watched with dismay as America has been fixated on the Middle East. At the same time, just across the East China Sea, China has embarked on a lengthy modernization and buildup of the People’s Liberation Army.

Caroline Kennedy is Big in Japan“, The Daily Beast, April 23, 2014.

The Daily Beast: Will The Pentagon’s Secret Space Plane Ever Return to Earth?


The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days—a space endurance record. But nearly a year and a half into the mission, the Pentagon still won’t say what the X-37B is doing up there, or when it might come back.

Will The Pentagon’s Secret Space Plane Ever Return to Earth?“, The Daily Beast, 4/7/14.

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The Daily Beast: Smoke Rings, Mystery Backpacks, and Gun-Toting Robots

My first at The Daily Beast.

This week’s faux artillery duel between North and South Korea, in which both bombarded empty patches of water, highlighted the at times oddball confrontation between North and South Korea.

The North, after warning the U.S. and South Korea to cancel their planned amphibious exercises, registered displeasure by bombarding an empty patch of ocean, just south of the border. The South responded in kind by bombarding an equally lonely patch of ocean, just north of the border. And that was the end of it.

Smoke Rings, Mystery Backpacks, and Gun-Toting Robots“, The Daily Beast, April 3, 2014.